Life is better together. We value shared-life experiences. In a Group, you'll find people on a journey, like you. We hope that as your Group pursues God and embraces people, you'll find a sense of belonging and wholeness.

There's a Group for you...

Sunday Morning Bible Studies

2 Groups to choose from. One is a topical Bible Group, the other is a verse-by-verse Group. Start your Sunday with coffee, maybe a donut, and a study of the Scriptures.

Available: 9am Sunday mornings

Prayer & Healing Room

This Group meets to pray with people to help them become whole. The Prayer and Healing Room Group has prayed with people and seen physical ailments cured, emotional wounds begin to heal, spiritual longing fulfilled, and broken relationships restored. This is not group counseling or therapy. No diagnoses are made here. No judgment passed. This Group simply wants to pray.

Available: 6:30pm, every 2nd & 4th Tuesday, at the church building.

Wednesday Bible Study

This Group meets to go through the Scriptures outside of Sunday mornings. Sometimes the group will journey together through a book of the Bible (i.e.-Revelation) or they'll tackle a topic of interest to the group.

Available: Noon, every Wednesday.

Senior Saints

This Group is for people age 55 and older. Senior Saints meets often to share a meal and do an activity together. For those Senior Saints who aren't as independent as they used to be, or are unable to leave home altogether, one of our Shut-In / Visitation teams will be glad to visit and offer Communion.

Available: 2-3x per quarter.

Worship Arts & Choir

Our music teams and choir are Groups that have a regular mission and ministry. They meet to rehearse for Sunday morning gatherings. But, they also meet to spend time together, share a meal, and encourage each other. Do you play an instrument? Do you like to sing? Music teams or choir just might be the Group for you.

Available: When Scheduled for rehearsals. Click the link below for more information.


We're looking forward to more Groups in the near future. Are you interested in connecting with a Group?