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And the Lord – who is the Spirit – makes us more and more like him as we are changed into his glorious image. 2 Corinthians 3:18 NLT

The Holy Spirit doesn’t wave a magic wand and change your habits in a day. Your health habits and how you relate to people took decades to form, and the Spirit is going to change them over time if you cooperate with him. That’s why Paul says the Spirit makes us more and more like the Lord over time, not all at once in one magic moment.

     You can cooperate with him by embracing his tools of change; the Scriptures, prayer, and trusted friends who will hear the truth and tell you the truth. Spend daily time in the Word, and let the Spirit speak to you about your life. Spend weekly time with trusted friends who accept you for who you are. Little by little, more and more, you will see real change – not just in your health, but also in your resemblance to Christ. Small, steady steps will lead to big, lasting results in the end.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: God is in the business of miracle makeovers.

Taken from The Daniel Plan 365 Day Devotional  page 44

Rachel’s thoughts: In our weekly FAITH5 meetings we’ve been diving deeper into healthy habits, dialing them back to the smallest version of the habit and working through the steps to establish the habit all the way from where it fits in the day, to the cue to move on to the follow through.  Little steps taken until it becomes a part of who we are and how we navigate life.  

I think its significant that this devotional mentions spending weekly time with “trusted friends” who accept you as you are and will hear the truth and tell you the truth.  This statement encapsulates what FAITH5 is.  Trusted friends.  Friends who totally “get” what you experience in life and the struggles or hurdles it sometimes is to keep steady with living a healthy lifestyle.  Friends who will gently encourage or challenge you to a new perspective or direction to try. 

Make it a habit and come join us every Tuesday at 3pm or 5:30 pm in United Methodist Church 1515 Ave B, Cozad or Thursday at 10 am or 5:30 pm in LexChristian Church, 1206 N Erie, Lexington.  You can never have too many trusted friends.  While you’re at it, invite a friend to come with you.  We’ll save a chair for you!  

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