Why FAITH5 Health & Wellness Ministry

Posted by Rachel Oelkers on

Several years ago I had the opportunity to go to Chicago for training to be a Health and Wellness Coach for a large international company.  I've been serving two local communities of Cozad, NE and Lexington, NE and loving the job. 

Along came Covid19 last March and all in person experiences were moved to the virtual format.  Many members dropped out feeling it was not what they signed up for.  

 The in person opportunities for these two communities have not been reopened and may be far in the future for this company.  

As a coach I was feeling anxiety for my members whom I've been working with and now months into this pandemic felt like there had to be something else I could offer until this company makes a decision to return to our communities.  I kept hearing the common theme of "can't we just meet in person, we'll mask up and stay socially distanced". 

 I made the decision to cut ties with the company and move my help to a "ministry only" concept. 

Not in competition but merely as a personal experience of support for the people who have grown to be my friends in whatever health and wellness goals they may have.  I believe the Holy Spirit has helped in forming the decision to address all components of wellness....Mind, Body, Spirit.   All intertwined in who we are and how God designed us and all play a part in wellness and why it matters. Equipping us to be healthy and able to serve His purposes.

This group will allow God to partner with us in this experience.  We will have the freedom to explore what this means to each of us individually.  

The dynamics of this experience will evolve as needs arise but we will start where each person is.  They may follow whatever program they choose, or whatever they and their doctor have agreed upon.  The agenda of our meet ups will work out as time goes on but I'm sure it will include talk of food, activity and where our head and hearts are at.  

Please feel free to join us on this adventure of FAITH5.  

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