At LexChristian Church you'll find a group of authentic and intentional people. From the moment you walk up to the building you can expect…

A Warm Greeting

Greeters at each of our doors are there to welcome you with a smile and help you to feel at home. Have a question? Don't hesitate to ask. Our greeters will help you find what you're looking for.

Hot Coffee

Coffee in church?! Yes! Or tea, if you prefer. The tone of our Sunday gathering is low key. We treasure the opportunity to share life and talk with each other as part of our worship together. And few things help the conversation flow quite like a cup of coffee.


Expect to be noticed. Expect people to say something like, “Hi, we haven’t met before, is this your first time here?”. Expect for people to reach out to you in friendliness and genuine kindness.



Our mission begins with pursuing God. We worship because He deserves it and because worship is part of our formation in Christ. Worship changes us. So, everything we do--the songs we sing, the prayers we offer, the message we journey through, to communion around the Lord's Table--is worship to pursue God. From the holy and sombre moments, to the irreverent and human happenings when we're together, we collectively strive to pursue God in worship.


Truth matters today. In our post-modern, post-Christian world, we need to trust Jesus as God's truth. We must engage the Bible as true and inspired. Here at LexChristian we seek to explore, understand and apply God’s truth to our lives at every level in a spirit of love. When it comes to living and growing in the truth, you'll find us to be a group of people from all ages, stages, races, and walks of life, journeying in truth, in Jesus, together.


You'll hear lots of laughter when you're at LexChristian. Here, you'll find joy, true joy. The kind of joy that comes from a deep and meaningful connection with God through Jesus Christ, and from a connection with others.


Personal Space

We realize that there's a pandemic going on so we have taken precautions to help mitigate the spread of germs. We have spread chairs out to ensure social distance between households, put a pause on meet and greet, changed how we do Communion and Offering to avoid shared items, and have plenty of masks and hand sanitizer available for all who need. For those who may feel sick or uncomfortable with attending in-person services we encourage you to join us via our live-stream on Sunday mornings.