Tag is heading back to Super Summer! 

Super Summer is a week long, Jesus-focused summer camp experience that Tag Student Ministries will be attending at the Webster Conference Center in Salina, Kansas the week of July 12-16.  Spots for the trip are on a first come first serve basis. 


Beginning March 3rd there will be a sign-up sheet in the Tag room. Once a student has signed up to go they will need to register online with a parent by visiting: kncsbevents.org/sscamper  Our Group ID for registration is: W211433  After entering their registration details, the camper will be automatically taken to the online Challenge Course Agreement.  This is a legal document and must be completed by an adult camper or the Parent/guardian of a minor. You will receive an email confirmation when the registration process has been completed.


The cost for a camper to attend Super Summer is $250.  Tag will be covering $50 of this expense so students will be responsible for covering the remaining $200. 

As has been the case with past youth group outings, students who are unable to afford the full cost of the trip have the opportunity to raise funds.  Students who wish to raise funds will need to assume the responsibility to fundraise in a timely manner and not rely on sponsors to do it for them. With this in mind, please don’t let the lack of money prevent a student from going.  The youth group will work with families who need support but the responsibility is on the student to be proactive in raising funds.

A $50 deposit will be due by April 7*.  All funds will be due by June 30.


* Students who fail to make deposit deadline run the risk of forfeiting their spot to any waitlisted students who can cover their deposit.